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EBC III Keywords

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Only the necessary stuff - Franchise vs. Licensing & Legal English (legalese)

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"Tender Procedures" & "Financial Management", all you need to know!

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I have submitted this paragraph in my EBC III class (Prof. Raab) and have received great feedback. edit: the positive arguments are written in gre...

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Everything you need to know about "Payments in international trade" & "Risk in international trade"...happy learning!

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Many profs in EBC III will ask you to look for an article (f.e. in the 'Economist') in order to break it down and analyze it. I've chosen the artic...

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EBC III Keywords Ubelhoer

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Zusammenfassung Keywords & wichtige Vokabeln

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Für alle die den Kurs bei Jacobeit absolvieren. Bei ihr braucht man nicht alle Keywords zu können, sondern nur einige ausgewählte. Hier ist die ...